Load24x7 launches android app

New Delhi, Aug 24 : India's first mobile-driven transportation platform Load24x7 has announced the launch of its Android application.

The roll-out of this application is yet another step in Load24x7's approach of leveraging a mix of technology and business sensibility to facilitate transportation and logistics in India.

Transporters are provided with a brokerage-free platform to gain visibility, and consumers can reach out to service providers with a lot of ease.

The end result is an organic generation of employment and a vibrant, inclusive eco-system of goods owners, transporters, and vehicle owners.

Launched in July 2015, the start-up now has over 45,000 transporters on board and more than 15,000 registered mobile users.

The aim is to digitize transport logistics and facilitate the traditional business system through technology and innovations.

The new Android-specific app caters to all capacity road transport vehicles, be it mini trucks, refrigeration vans, tankers or containers.

The 'Packers and Movers' option also allows users to book assistance for packing of goods that need to be transported and it also facilitates household people.

There is also a feature called 'Sale and Purchase' that helps streamline user experience by connecting those in need of logistical support with transporters and if want to sale or purchase second-hand vehicle it is one of the easiest and handy application which will help you.

"Our vision is to increase connectivity and digitize India's transport network. Load24x7's inquiry service will now be available for Android devices and searches on Load24x7 are refined and matched on the basis of requirement and availability.

Android is the most popular OS in India and a large part of our target market uses Android-enabled smartphones," said Founder Director Load24x7, Lokesh Kumar Gupta.

"It was, therefore, the most natural step in our brand evolution to roll this app out and reach out to a larger number of transport providers and companies in need of logistical services," added Gupta.

"We are very pleased to announce the introduction of our Android app. Features like 'Sale and Purchase' facilitate one-on-one interaction between business entities looking to sale and purchase their old commercial vehicle," said Founder Director, Vikas Sharma.

"We have brought all tech-backed facilities to the smartphones of users so that they can connect with each other seamlessly and expedite the logistical processes for their businesses," added Vikas Sharma.

Going ahead with its plan to revolutionize the transport industry, Load24x7 has made its directory available online, in order to let users access shared information globally.

There is also a unique 24x7 Customer Care service that completely eliminates travel stress..

Source: ANI