Locals hold ‘flash mobs’ to protest against Pakistan’s illegal occupation of area

Kotli (PoK) [Pakistan], Oct. 25 : A group of Kashmiri's gathered here to protest against Pakistan's illegal occupation of the area and demanded that Pakistani withdraw its forces.

They recounted that it was on October 22 in 1947 that Pakistani forces entered Kashmir, with the day being observed as 'black day' in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK).

The Pakistani forces were in full lookout to stop such protests, however, to evade these forces small groups of Kashmiris gathered as flash mobs to mount quick anti-Pakistan protests and then quickly disappeared before the crackdown could begin Later in the evening candle light protests were also seen all across PoK.

In Kotli, Chinari, Muzaffarabad and other places in PoK people lit candles to observe black day..

Source: ANI