Lok Sabha to take up GST Bill today

New Delhi, Aug. 8 : The Goods and Services Tax (GST) Bill, which was passed by the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday will be tabled in the Lok Sabha today, with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) cracking whip on its MPs to be present in the House to ensure its smooth passage.

The Constitution Amendment Bill is expected to sail through the Lok Sabha, where the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance has a commanding majority.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also expected to join the MPs at the Lower House, where the NDA will navigate the Bill.

The Rajya Sabha had passed the Bill with some amendments , which are needed to be again approved by the Lok Sabha.

In the meantime, the Congress has also issued a similar whip. After its passage in the Lok Sabha, the Bill will go to the state assemblies for ratification. The Bill needs ratification by half of the assemblies to become a law. After the amendments are carried out, Parliament will pass the GST and Integrated GST Bills and the assemblies will pass state GST Bill for the roll out of the tax reform in the country.

The chief ministers have assured that if required they would call a special session for the passage of the Bill in their state assemblies.

The GST is aimed at bringing uniform tax regime in the country by subsuming state levies. Under it, a single rate of GST will replace various taxes to ensure seamless transfer of goods and services.

Source: ANI