Manini De takes method route for role of a cop in series

Mumbai, Feb 26 : Actress Manini De has literally taken the method route for her role of a police inspector in an new series.

She says she studied cognitive behaviour therapy, adding that the genres of crime and thriller intrigue her.

Manini plays Inspector Leena Singh on "Ittefaq", an episode in the segment "Manohar Kahaniyan" on "Tata Sky Adbhut Kahaniyan".

The show revolves around a couple, Aditya and Kanchan, whose romantic weekend in the outskirts of the city turns into a crime saga when they end up prime suspects for a murder.

Inspector Leena Singh must solve the case.

"When I heard about this role, I was excited since I have been hearing about Manohar Kahaniyan since my childhood.

For me, the stories of Manohar Kahaniyan are the synthesis of human desire and crime being interlinked.

Because I studied cognitive behavior therapy, genres like crime and thriller intrigue me," said Manini.

She added: "Since Manohar Kahaniyan is something that epitomizes crime and emotions, I was exhilarated to take up this role.

Also, I love portraying the role of a cop on screen since I have immense respect for the police force and the justice system."



Source: IANS