Mann does not feel he has committed a wrong: BJP

New Delhi, July 23 : The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has condemned unfazed attitude of AAP leader Bhagwat Mann over him making video of security spots in Parliament and said that the latter does not feel he has committed wrong. "We have kept our demand in the House. Bhagwat Mann has no idea that he has put the security of the Parliament at stake. He does not feel he has committed any wrong, and says that he will do it again. The matter should be investigated," said BJP leader and former home secretary R.K Singh. The AAP MP yesterday posted a video of Parliament's security positions and details on the social media. Mann, however, clarified his act after severe criticism from the opposition parties. "My only intention was to tell the procedure (during the Zero Hour). I have done nothing to risk the security of the Parliament," he said. Mann yesterday said he would again post a Facebook live tomorrow. "Is it illegal and inappropriate to post a video showing how questions are taken up in Parliament during the Question Hour? Did my video pose a security threat to Parliament? I will do a live video again tomorrow, let them serve me a notice," the AAP MP told reporters outside Parliament.