Marc Jacobs apologises for runway show delay

New York, Sep 14 : US fashion designer Marc Jacobs has apologised to the fashion world for delaying his New York Fashion Week show.

Jacobs took to Instagram and posted an image of his face imposed on the White Rabbit from "Alice In Wonderland" riffing on the character's famous quote by saying: "I was late, I was late? For a very important date", reports

"I sincerely apologise to anyone and everyone who was inconvenienced by my lateness at our Spring/Summer 2019 fashion show.

For anyone interested, below is not a list of excuses but rather a list of facts. I fully understand people have plans, lives, commitments, flights, families to return to, etc and that I fully respect," his post read.

The 6 p.m.

runway show started nearly an hour and a half late on Wednesday, leading some fashion editors to leave the show before it began to get to other events, including a Rihanna lingerie fashion show in Brooklyn.

But Jacobs explained in his post that he'd fully expected his latest show to begin on time as of the night before.

He then ran through a timeline of what happened the next day, without ever naming the actual reason for the setback.

"After years of being beyond punctual and once again, with every intention of remaining so, the fact is, more is always expected from us with fewer and fewer resources.

That is not unique to me personally or us as a company. I have learned that I need to adjust to our realities," Jacobs added.



Source: IANS