Marvel unleashes ‘Black Panther’ in first teaser trailer

New Delhi [India], June 10 : The 'King of Wakanda' is here! Marvel unleashed the first teaser trailer of the much-awaited movie 'Black Panther' and it seems like we are in for an action-packed ride.

The teaser starts with Andy Serkis and Martin Freeman talking about how Wakanda is actually the mythical golden city El Dorado, with Serkis's character saying, "I'm the only one who has seen it and made it out alive." Then, we see a group of men with guns, looking out for someone, when they see T'challa aka Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) on the top of a tree in his vibranium metal body armor.

We get a glimpse of the superhero getting in action with some action sequences taking on a full storm of bullets.

As the trailer moves forward, the voiceover goes on to say that, "The world is changing. Soon there will only the conquerers and the conquered. You are a good man, with a good heart and it is hard for a good man, to be a king." The trailer is filled with action sequences, good visuals and we can expect some intense storyline about the fictional place African nation of Wakanda.

Before the trailer was released, Marvel teased the film's poster with Boseman sitting on a throne. Boseman made his first appearance as the 'Black Panther' in the superhero ensemble 'Captain America: Civil War' in 2016.

The flick is slated to hit theatres on February 16, 2018..

Source: ANI