MCD organises fogging, door-to-door to create awareness about dengue, chikungunya

New Delhi [India], Sept. 15 : Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) on Thursday organised fogging and door-to-door awareness campaign for Dengue and Chikungunya in the national capital.

To check the rising cases of dengue and chikungunya in Delhi, the MCD has come out with this fogging initiative.

South Delhi MCD Commissioner Punit Goel said that cleanliness and awareness about the diseases are very important to stay healthy, adding they have initiated free test for the same.

Goel told ANI, "The present situation of Delhi is very bad and it needs full support from the Municipal Corporation and awareness of how to protect oneself is one measure that we can spread." "Today, you can see that our commissioner is also with along with the entire staff.

We spreading this word that people should keep cleanliness, keep the water clean that from the AC outlets clean.

In 280 wards of Delhi, Municipal Corporation is on its toes. And in case of any tests of Chikungunya or Dengue, it would be done free of cost," he added. Following 12 deaths, the MCD has taken a step to battle the Chikungunya outbreak in the capital. Earlier during the day, Delhi's Health Minister, Satyendra Jain reiterated that Chikungunya cannot cause deaths, and added that this is a fact that is available on Google, and not his opinion.

Speaking to media here, Jain said that Delhiites need not panic and that all they needed to do is to take precautions and go to the hospital only if they experience symptoms of the vector-borne disease.

"People of Delhi have no need to panic. The state government is ready to provide help at all cost. But one should get admitted only if the doctor advises them to do so and not because they are scared," he said.

Talking about the recent casualties, Jain stated that four of the five deaths had been reported from the same hospital, which made the situation quite suspicious.

"Chikungunya deaths are not happening across the world. Why is it only in a select few Delhi hospitals? And upon enquiry, I have discovered that most of the deaths are of people who were aged and already sick with other ailments," the minister said.

Source: ANI