Meet Delhi Police woman constable who ‘mans’ the lock-up (IANS Special)

New Delhi, March 8 : Every day as the clock strikes 8 a.m. Sunita Meena takes charge of the sentry guard duty at South Delhi's Hauz Khas police station lock-up. It's a duty which is usually considered a man's forte, but Meena has broken the barriers and guards the most crucial spot in a police station.

"Now women are doing every work that men can.

Women are at all the responsible positions, heading big offices handling big responsibilities with perfection.

I am just doing my part. I feel happy. It feels good to be doing this heavy duty job," she told IANS.

Thirty-year-old Sunita Meena, a native of Alwar in Rajasthan joined Delhi Police in 2018 and her first posting was at the New Police Lines (NPL).

She was posted in the Hauz Khas police station in September 2020.

Asked if she was assigned the sentry duty on the occasion of International Women's Day, she says: "No, I have been regular on this duty."

Meena's tough job requires sturdiness and good physical and mental agility.

She gets up at 5 a.m. everyday, goes for a brisk one-hour walk, never misses to make breakfast and lunch for her family, and then rushes to the police station to be on the guard.

When asked how it feels to be at the sentry duty outside the lockup, Meena told IANS: "I am happy.

It feels good.

"I think that the world is now recognising the power of women. Being in police duty gives a sense of satisfaction, and an extra sense of responsibility which I always try to perform to the best of my abilities," she says.

On the occasion of International Women's day, the Delhi Police have assigned prominent responsibilities to the women police staff.

"Today, on the occasion of International Women's Day, all women staff are performing duty officer, sentry duty, lock-up duty, women facilitation desk duty, emergency officer as well as patrolling in the area of P.S.

Hauz Khas," said Atul Thakur, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP).

Many other police stations and even PCR units in Delhi too have given similar responsibilities to the women staff under their jurisdiction.

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Source: IANS