‘Melt-proof’ ice-creams are here!

London, Jul 23 : Ice-cream lovers, rejoice! There's a new ice-cream in town with a melt-free twist. Gastronaut Ice Cream, created by a food expert, comes in a bar and can be enjoyed at room temperature, the Mirror reported. It may be very different from its frozen counterpart as it can be crumbled in your hands, but once you begin eating it, the organic snack transforms into the "exact same sweet and creamy ice cream" you have known all your life. To melt-proof an ice-cream, first they freeze-dry it and then dehydrate it, with nothing added to it except a pinch of salt. Freeze-drying involves first freezing a food substance and then creating a powerful vacuum before adding heat which draws out the frozen liquid from the food as vapour. The Gastronaut range comes in 3 mouth-watering flavours - Mexican Chocolate Chip, Cookies and Cream and Mint Chocolate Chip. Owner Rob Collignon said: "This is the only premium organic freeze-dried ice cream on the planet. I've always liked freeze-dried ice cream - they sell it in space museums and camping stores. I've eaten it my whole life but it doesn't taste that good because they start with the cheapest ice cream imaginable." He noted, "As I've aged, my tastes have changed, I now prefer organic foods with no preservatives or food colouring," adding: "Besides being healthier, they're also more tasty. So I figured applying my current tastes to the product I loved as a kid would have good results." The 34-year-old from Brooklyn worked on his product for three and a half years before bringing it onto the market.