Mission with clear ambition is eventual way to success: PM Modi tells students

New Delhi, [India], Jan 29, : Prime Minister Narendra Modi today, while addressing his radio programme 'Mann Ki Baat', tried to relate sense of mission with ambition to encourage the students to score better in examinations.

"Once you have a clear ambition with a mission to succeed it, you need not worry about the marks in the exams.

You will automatically score better," Prime Minister Modi said while answering a student who asked whether scoring higher marks in exams was mandatory.

"No one cares to know with how much marks he got through the exam. People are more interested in the fact that he is a doctor and would certainly serve his patients with his knowledge, skills and expertise," he added.

The Prime Minister further said restricting oneself to a limited amount of course or knowledge might harm one from achieving success.

The Prime Minister also motivated students to compete with oneself instead of competing with others. "Self competition would help students in improvising in every single aspect and step." He reiterated on the importance of self-introspection, which would lead to a better individual.

"Start comparing yourself with the way you used to be and the way you are now," he said. "In that way changes in students can be easily found which otherwise would lead the way to betterment," he added.

This motivational speech of Prime Minister Modi would definitely be a pathway to the students to accomplish the right amount of success and would surely eliminate the fear of scoring better marks in the examination.

Source: ANI