Motorcyclist risks life by crossing road in front of elephant

New Delhi, Feb 8 : The video of a motorcycle rider who unnecessarily risked his life by breaking a forest officials' barricade to cross a road at the same time when a wild elephant was crossing the same road has gone viral.

The incident was shared by an IFS officer Parveen Kaswan with the caption, "You know what is the most difficult part of #wildlife management.

Managing the #humans. Even after blocking the road by staff this person decided to cross it while others were waiting. Just missed by a fraction of a second from becoming a memory. Don't do this ever."

In the video, one can see that an elephant is crossing a road and the road was blocked by the forest officials and some people were waiting for the animal to pass first.

Despite that, the motorcyclist ignored the fact that the road was blocked and decided to cross it anyway.

He managed to do it just inches in front of the elephant, endangering his life in the process.

As the post went viral, Internet has expressed anger over the disturbing incident.

A user wrote, "Goes without saying that managing humans must be a challenge."

Another wrote, "Because we Indians never learned to respect anything, whether it's policy, rules, instructions.

Not sure what fun people get to break the rules...."

A post read, "Penalise them (and) seize their vehicles sir.

Place a heavy penalty if unable 2 pay, imprison them at least 6 months min. based on the damage caused. Enforcing law only can change such human's sir."

A user remarked, "At times Humans can be the "most uncivilized animal" on Earth, after that the blame will come on the Wild Animals as well as the staff managing (and) protecting the wild!"



Source: IANS