MP issues advisory on Nipah virus

Bhopal, May 25 : In the wake of the outbreak of Nipah virus in Kerala which claimed many lives, Madhya Pradesh Health Ministry issued an advisory on Friday.

Health Services Director B.N.

Chouhan however said there was no reason to worry as the virus is generally limited to a place.

He advised against eating fruits that are fallen on the ground or appear to have animal teeth or claw marks.

"People should avoid going to areas that might have bats. Stay away from suspected infected persons."

Those living in areas with a bat population or where travellers from Kerala are staying should contact the nearest government hospital if any symptoms of Nipah are found.

According to Chouhan, Nipah virus spreads to humans after direct contact with infected bats or pigs.

Its symptoms are headaches, fever, bodyache, cough, problems in breathing, vomiting, diarrhoea, laziness and others.



Source: IANS