Musician duo Rusha and Blizza collaborates with Russian choreographer Igor Glinskiy

Mumbai, Jan 29 : Musician duo Rusha and Blizza release their latest music video on Friday, in collaboration with Russian director-choreographer Igor Glinskiy.

Titled "Courage" the video showcases a unique experimental sound with body movement in motions.

Talking about the video, Paurush Kumar, or Rusha, said: "This has been our most visual creation to this point, as we had the opportunity to work with an amazing fellow artiste to create this unique piece."

Aman Khare, or Blizza, added: "Feeding off the energy of Igor and his crew, we tried our best to make the track exhilarating while keeping enough variations."

Coupled with serene vocals and immersive sound, the music video combines the nuances of music with bold movements and emotions.



Source: IANS