‘Namak Issk Ka’ actress Shruti Sharma spent minutes in coffin for an episode

Mumbai, Feb 5 : Namak Issk Ka lead actress Shruti Sharma recently spent a couple of minutes inside a coffin to shoot an episode of the show, and she says it was definitely challenging.

"This is the first time that I have shot for a scene that was so spooky.

Though it seems quite easy, it was definitely challenging for me to stay in the coffin for a couple of minutes, but I am glad that it all went well," said Shruti, who plays the role of a dancer named Chamcham in the show.

She added: "I had a memorable time shooting for it, and I am sure it is going to be a very interesting, action-packed track."

The series is about Chamcham, a dancer, who is looked down upon by society for her means of livelihood.

However, the story takes a dramatic turn after Chamcham gets married into an affluent family.



Source: IANS