Naturopathy- a way to a new, healthier lifestyle

New Delhi [India], Mar. 16 : Living in harmony with nature can help us improve our overall health in ways more than we can imagine.

Today people across the world are struggling with increasing health issues, rising healthcare costs and dipping immunity and vitality levels.

A significant contributor to this worldwide epidemic is the poor lifestyle followed by people all over.

There are alarming trends that should make us sit up and take notice: - As per a WHO study done in 2014 over 52% of adults worldwide were overweight or obese; - By 2020 India will have the highest number of Diabetics in the world; - 28 percent of obese women worldwide develop ovarian cysts; alarming rise in India; - 10 percent of the urban Indian population suffers from Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD); - Antibiotic abuse is at an all-time high in India; an average child takes 2-3 rounds of antibiotics every year.

According to Smita Sundararaman, founder and managing director, NatureHealz, Naturopathy is all about doing what is right for your body.

Eat good, exercise regularly, and detox periodically. There is an age-old saying that emphasizes upon the critical role our diet plays in our overall health- "1/4th of what you eat keeps you alive; 3/4th of what you eat keeps your doctors alive." It is an established fact that overeating kills more people globally today as compared to starvation.

The more energy the body wastes in terms of food digestion, the lesser energy is available for internal cleansing, healing, repair and growth.

Sundararaman said, while residential Naturopathy treatments help with one-time detoxification and provide short-term symptomatic benefits, it is best practiced as a lifestyle correction that helps people heal their bodies and undo the damage that has been done to it over time.

A 'right' combination of diet, exercises and simple do-it-yourself home treatments help restore the body's equilibrium and rejuvenate it completely.

Not all exercises are good for everyone. Not all 'healthy' food items suit everybody. A qualified Naturopath physician can help us identify the customizations that work best for us given our body constitution, health concerns and lifecycle stage.

When practiced over a period of time at home, these changes become a part of our daily routine and deliver results that are truly transformational.

People lose weight, look younger, reduce their dependence on excessive medication and experience renewed vitality and immunity.

Stay Healthy. Stay Fit. The Natural Way. Practice Naturopathy!.

Source: ANI