Nearly 50 percent jump in demand for air purifiers in Delhi-NCR: Survey

New Delhi [India], Nov 7 : Air purifier market in India has seen a spike of about 50 percent in its demand in wake of poor air quality in Delhi-NCR post-Diwali, noted a quick ASSOCHAM survey.

The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) conducted a survey to gauge the hike in demand for air purifying kits across 200 electronic and general stores in Delhi-NCR in past four days.

"There has been an explosion in demand for air purifiers which has jumped nearly 50 percent as air quality in and around Delhi has become hazardous post-Diwali festival," said majority of electronic and general stores' representatives selling such items.

"The demand for air purifier in India has been growing rapidly across metros in India but as the smog problem became severe in Delhi after Diwali the demand for such kits has become really huge and is likely to grow steadily," said many of the store managers.

However, many of these said that people looking to install air purifiers in their homes get disappointed owing to high costs and term it more of a luxury product.

As such most of such customers are only enquiring and their number is growing by the day. The demand is more from offices, industrial and commercial establishments, said many of these. As per market experts, the air purifier market in India is still in nascent stage and is estimated at about Rs.

250 crore but has been growing by leaps and bounds since past one year owing to rising awareness about impact of air pollution.

"The national capital has been facing problem of haze for quite some time, pollution, allergens and firecrackers together have further caused significant deterioration in Delhi's air quality," said DS Rawat, secretary general of ASSOCHAM while releasing the findings of the chamber's survey.

"All these factors together with growth in infrastructure development activities, growing sales of automobiles, urbanization and industrialization provide a lucrative market for air purifiers to enhance overall quality of air in commercial, industrial as well as residential settings across the region," said Rawat.

"Demand for air purifier installations is likely to grow exponentially as they become popular and would be installed in shopping complexes, malls, offices and homes and almost everywhere, more so as health problems like asthma and other lung related diseases are also growing rapidly," he added.

"Significant rise in per capita disposable income of consumers is also likely to drive air purifier sales," further said Rawat.

Source: ANI