Neil Bhoopalam: Audience entitled to their opinion

Mumbai, March 8 : Actor Neil Bhoopalam has been part of many youth-oriented, mass-inclined shows that have garnered good response, be it "24", "Four More Shots Please" or "Masaba Masaba".

He has become a familiar name in the OTT space, he is also aware of the criticism that comes with it, and he has an interesting take on it.

What does he feel about the controversies and ensuing censure shows such as "Four More Shots Please" often garner? "It's fiction, borrowed from stories that real people live and lead.

I feel the audience is always entitled to their own opinion. Perhaps the person tuning in was looking for something else. It's a mix of everything," he told IANS.

The actor added: "Sometimes one takes creative liberty and show certain lifestyles that the makers are totally entitled to do, and I believe it is okay if you don't like the content.

You don't have to get upset about it and write a whole rant letter on how you dislike the show. Whenever I read something like that, I think, 'wow! whoever has done this has copious amount of time to be able to strip down the show to such a great extent."

The actor, who appeared in films such as "Shaitan", "No One Killed Jessica" and "NH10", has mostly been seen in projects that are not run-of-the-mill.

"I have been fortunate to be part of an entire decade of content, cinema and storytelling in India which wasn't there in the previous decade.

Because those people didn't make unconventional stories, the number of stories being told unconventionally in my decade increased.

I feel that is how, being an actor, I was able to enjoy these stories," he said

Having done features films and OTT shows, the actor has exposed himself to different platforms to showcase his talent.

Does he have different parameters to judge the script of a feature film and that of a web show?

"I don't think too hard about it," said Neil, adding: " I love performing as an actor.

Theatre is my passion and film, shows and mass media work is my trade. Starting with '24' -- which was not only a fantastic break into the mass media, it was also an amazing training ground for me -- to 'Masaba Masaba', which was my recent release, these particular shows have been an amazing process.

In a feature film, whenever the opportunity comes by, I like to get my creative satisfaction and kicks.

There is no real deciding process. It's intuitive, and always has been. The more I try to reason I just procrastinate."



Source: IANS