Nepal parliament approves third poll-related bill

Kathmandu [Nepal], Jan. 31 : Nepal's parliament has approved the Bill on Election (Offence and Punishment). The bill is the third poll-related law introduced over the last week's time the Bill to Amend and Integrate Laws Related to the Election Commission and the Bill Related to Voter List have already been approved and are in the process of being legitimatized by the President, reports the Kathmandu Post.

The bill was tabled by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs Bimalendra Nidhi. The bill was endorsed by a majority in parliament. The bill has layed down harsh punishment of jail and fine for election-related offences. According to the law, a person found guilty of using arms and setting off explosives aiming to disrupt the polls would face a three-year jail and fine up to Rs 200,000 or both.

One may face two-year jail and Rs100,000 in fine or both if found offering cash or kind to influence an election and misuse of the ballot paper by anyone will led to a jail term and fine.

If a non-Nepali is found to have cast the vote, it will led to one-year jail or fine up to Rs100, 000 or both.

A candidate can be disqualified to contest a vote or may even lose the elected office if found to have spent more than the expenditure limit and received illegal donations.

The country has to hold three levels of elections by January 21, 2018 as per the constitutional deadline.

Source: ANI