Netizens demand #ArrestSSRKillers, troll Karan Johar on return to Twitter

Mumbai, Aug 22 : While the CBI has taken over the Sushant Singh Rajput probe, his fans on social media seem convinced the late actor was murdered.

On Saturday, Twitter was abuzz with a hashtag demanding that the killers of SSR be arrested.

Tweets posted with the hashtag #ArrestSSRKillers not only demand that culprits be brought to book, but have also been used to troll filmmaker Karan Johar, who returned to Twitter after a couple of months.

"CDR of SSR's residence Mount Blanc owner and owner's manager must be checked.

Bandra Police has been in constant touch with the owner. CBI should grill the Real Estate Agent who got this Rental Deal to SSR. He's a very close associate of Rhea for years! #ArrestSSRKillers," tweeted a user.

"AIIMS senior officials demanded -

-Original PM reports

-viscera reports

-PM vidrography tape

-Forensic pictures

They will analyze all those because they found it all misleading! #ArrestSSRKillers," another user commented.

Questions are also being raised by fans in social media about the role of Bollywood producer Sandip Ssingh.

"Many of you have asked, do I believe what Surjeet Singh Rathore said? My answer is honestly I don't! I feel he is staged!

Rhea is just a pawn, a spacegoat!

Sandeep Singh is crisis Manager!

But the mastermind is someone way too powerful! #ArrestSSRKillers," another user opined.

"SANDIP caught in his own web of lies.

He admits dat he accesses SSR's PAN (and) Aadhar card. Who handed over SSR's PAN (and) Aadhar to Sandip. Sandip was not in touch with SSR from the past 1 year (and) suddenly on d day of SSR's death. #ArrestSSRKillers," observed a user.

"Behind every Sorry there is an Untold Story. Nation wants to know the Story of Sorry Babu!! #ArrestSSRKillers," shared a user taking a dig at Sushant's girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty, who had reportedly uttered the words "Sorry Babu" after seeing his dead body at Cooper Hospital on the day of autopsy.

Netizens also did not spare the chance of trolling filmmaker Karan Johar who on Saturday tweeted for the first time after his last tweet on June 14.

Back in June, Johat had tweeted to mourn Sushant's demise.

Johar has been at the subject of memes and trolls ever since Sushant's death, due to his reputation of favouring star kids over outsiders and promoting a culture of nepotism within the industry.

Many netizens believe Sushant had been a victim of such favouritism in Bollywood.

"May the power of Lord Ganesh protect you and your loved ones from all evil....may the power enhance all positivity and spread only love...please stay safe," Karan Johar tweeted from his verified account on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi on Saturday.

Commenting on his tweet, a user wrote: "Look Who is Telling About Spreading Positivity, Love.

Coffee with karan Show Motive is to Spread Negativity, Hate, and Bullying. Dual Face Demon. Get ready. Karma will serve you what you have paid for. #ArrestSSRKillers."

"Thank you for your kind words for the public. However Lord Ganesha sees everything and protects those who are good hearted and not sinful. Unfortunately your own words cannot be applied to you since your heart is as black as coal (and) a soul which you have already sold to the devil," tweeted another user.



Source: IANS