New technology for precision spine, neurosurgery

Kolkata, Dec 21 : Allaying fears of patients who need to undergo spine and neurosurgery, health practitioners here on Thursday introduced an advanced surgical imaging equipment and navigation system for accuracy and precision.

The 'O-arm S8 Navigation System', the most advanced 3-D surgical imaging equipment and navigation system for accurate and precision based spine and neurosurgery was formally unveiled by the AMRI Hospitals in eastern India.

"The patients will have minimal incision surgery through this navigation system, which will reduce their hospital stay along with minimal blood loss and minimal post-operative pain, leading to quicker recovery time," said Sisir Das, Director and HOD of Neurosurgery of the hospital.

The sophisticated equipment enables clear visualisation and surgical navigation of every segment in the spine.

It helps a surgeon to have a detailed view of patient's anatomy in real time and, by accurately navigation through the delicate anatomy and critical structures in the spine.

"Patients who have to avail spinal and neurosurgery need not fear.

With the new technology the risk of tissue damage is much more controlled and the patient has the maximum limited risk of after-operative infection," said Rupak Barua, Group CEO, AMRI Hospitals.



Source: IANS