No bilateral meet between Trump-Sharif at Saudi Summit

Washington [U.S.], May 22 : United States (U.S.) President Donald Trump did not schedule a meeting with Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, even as he met Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani and Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud on the sidelines of the Riyadh Summit.

The diplomatic meet between Sharif and Trump did not take place even as the Saudi Arabia was strongly backing the idea.

The US embassy on Sunday confirmed that the two leaders are not scheduled to meet, amid speculations. During the Summit, Trump acknowledged that India was a victim of terrorism and asked countries to ensure that terror groups don't find sanctuaries on their soil.

Without naming Pakistan, Trump said "every country must ensure that terrorists don't find any sanctuary on their lands", as Prime Minister Sharif listened in the audience.

However, despite having no bilateral meeting scheduled, the President Trump had a brief encounter with Sharif and exchanged pleasantries.

The Riyadh summit was a two day convention attended by 54 leaders of the Arab Islamic worlds along with the U.S.

President to discuss security co-operations and to form a possible Arab-NATO coalition..

Source: ANI