North-Eastern People in Delhi get Electoral Card

By Vangamla Salle K S New Delhi [India], Feb.7 : Delhi is truly a land of opportunities and a place of cultural diversity.

Joining people from other regions looking for wider and broader platforms and performances in metropolitan cities, many people from India's landlocked northeast region too have to adapt to a shifting paradigm for better opportunities in life.

There are over seven lakh people from the Northeast living in the national capital at present as the city offers a host of opportunities.

Taking a novel initiative for the people of northeast living in the city, recently, the Special Police Unit for Northeast region (SPUNER) under the command of Nodal officer IGP Robin Hibu, IPS, in collaboration with the Delhi Election Commission, organized a two-day Special Voter's Registration camp in Delhi.

The camp aimed to bring more inclusivity to people from the northeast region as a political force and to avail the facilities of the government.

"The purpose behind this for northeast people is that, most of the time, northeast people in Delhi find difficulties in applying for jobs or any for other purpose as their identity is fixed and they are in Delhi.

The people from northeast run from pillar to post for identity verification and most of the time, they could not access any facilities from the government.

For this purpose, we set up an electoral registration camp so that they will become hassle-free to apply for jobs and other benefits," said K Neihsial, Sub-Inspector, Delhi Police NE Cell.

Hundreds of northeast people living in the city turned out and enrolled for the voter cards. "This is one of the biggest opportunities for us and the things that they have provided us are one of the essential things that we need to have outside our home towns.

With this ID, we can apply for bank account as an address proof and avail ourselves from any sort of harassment and even for other official purposes", added Kaolempu Kamei, a Student from Manipur.

Besides the voter card registration, the camp also provided Cancer Screening Test by Special Police Unit for Women and Children, in collaboration with the Indian Cancer Society.

With cancer specialists, the drive provided facilities for mammography x-ray, Cancer Screening test, ENT test, blood tests and many others.

Many youngsters were seen lining up for the test to avail the facilities. In addition to the North East Blood Bank Reserve at AIIMS hospital in New Delhi, which is catering to the needy patients of the northeast region, the camp also set up a desk for Northeast Blood Bank Donor's Donation Drive initiated by Helping Hands, a non-profitable organization set up by like-minded people of the NE region.

A brimming student from the region, Margaret said "I came here for the electoral registration today and I did my cancer screening also.

I think the facilities that we are getting here is really good and we feel that we are getting a lot help from mainland people.

So I think it's really good". "This is truly awesome and I completely appreciate the steps taken up by the authority because by doing this, it shows to others that India is one.

Many people from the northeast have been residing here in Delhi for a long time, so by participating in all these facilities, it is a good thing.

And again, they are providing health screening for free; it has become a two-in-one. We come here for one purpose and we got another facility as well", added Atan. Over the years, there have been reports and incidents of racial discrimination to the northeast people residing in the metropolitan cities, especially in Delhi.

Such initiatives will help transform the perception of the mainland for the people of northeast and will be a drive for inclusive participation in political and socio-economic platforms.

Source: ANI