`Nun` Sofia Hayat bares almost all to show her real side

New Delhi [India], Sept. 13 : Former Bigg Boss contestant Sofia Hayat recently posted a video on Instagram wearing only brassiere baring almost all for the mass.

The former model and award winning actress, who earlier claimed to have turned into a nun, recently took to Instagram to post a video of herself baring almost all and captioned it as, "NAMASTE.

I AM GAIA SOFIA... you think you know who I am. Here is the truth...," reports Pinkvilla.com. Earlier this year, Sophia reportedly hit the headlines when she posted a picture of herself wearing a white coif and a monk's orange khaki.

With this, she proclaimed to have turned into a nun. Sofia, who began her career in 2003 starring in "Absolute Power", is currently promoting 'Six X', a movie directed by Chandrakant Singh.

Six X will hit the cinemas on September 23..

Source: ANI