Ola, Uber drivers begin 36 hour-strike in Guwahati

Guwahati (Assam) [India], Nov. 23 : The drivers of Ola and Uber cabs have started a 36-hour strike in Guwahati as both companies have acquired more cars, which will result in lesser incentives.

Over 12,000 cabs have gone off roads. The drivers said that they would continue with their protest if their concerns were not addressed with immediate effect.

"We are not going to create any chaos. I have told my drivers not to break things and that the strike should be a peaceful one. Our demands should be fulfilled because our earnings have dropped. Their commitment proved to be fake. Their commitment was 75,000 per month but we are hardly earning 10,000-15,000 with which we can't do anything.

I can't even pay my EMIs. They should immediately stop getting cars and the scheme should be ended," Prabhat, a driver, told ANI.

"Now as the business is growing, they have sidelined us. Our condition is worse and we are even thinking about committing suicide. If they don't decide anything then this strike will be indefinite," he added. Another driver Vajipur Rehman on his part said they are hardly getting eight to ten trips even after staying online for 12 to 15 hour.

"The company has a tie up with Exchange Leasing India and when they take cars from them, they get a minimum of 20-25 trips," he added.

Source: ANI