Olympic athlete Sudha Singh recovering, no confirmation of Zika

Bengaluru, Aug. 23 : Olympic athlete Sudha Singh, who has given blood samples for tests to check for the Zika virus, is recovering and there has been no confirmation of the infection yet.

Chief Medical Officer of the Sports Authority of India (SAI) Dr. Sarla said there were influenza like symptoms in Sudha and so she had to get admitted in the hospital.

"She came from Rio on 20th and reported to me of fever, cold and coughs. Influenza like symptoms was there. Her constitutional symptoms were not like that of Jaisha. Jaisha's vital parameters were all okay except for the cold. The clinical condition of Sudha Singh warranted admission. So, immediately I informed the coach that she has to be admitted and she requires observation and clinical setup," Sarla told ANI.

Sarla said Sudha is being followed up regularly for all the investigations required for viral infection and in particular for Zika, as there is a travel advisory from the World Health Organisation (WHO).

"Clinically now she is stable and recovering and people from community health department have visited.they are following up and they themselves have followed up for the viral investigations.

They have sent the sample to Pune and the results may come in a period of three or four day's time," she added.

While stating that it is not yet confirmed whether Sudha has been affected by Zika virus, Sarla said any viral infection, especially a person who is travelling from an endemic area like Brazil has to be looked into for Zika.

"She is better now. Her temperature has come under control but she needs time for recovery. She would require another two weeks. As an athlete, she would require two-three months for a complete recovery," she added. Meanwhile, Karnataka Chief Minister has assured to bear the expenses of Sudha's treatment. "The government is going to bear the expenses of the treatment that is going to be given to the athlete.

I have sent K. Govindraj (The president of the State Olympics Association) to visit and give the report," he told ANI.

Sudha developed fever on her return journey to India and consumed some medicines on her own and did not report her illness at the health office at the airport set-up to screen passengers with symptoms of Ebola and Zika.

She, however, reported being ill when she reached the SAI hostel in Bengaluru. Sudha competed in the 3000 metre steeplechase event at Rio while O. P. Jaisha and Kavita Raut participated in the women's marathon..

Source: ANI