Opposition does not want debate: Meghwal

New Delhi [India], Dec. 2: Union Minister of State for Finance Arjun Ram Meghwal on Friday said the opposition does not want a discussion to take place in the parliament on any issue including demonetisation, and comes up with fresh demands that defy logic.

Meghwal told ANI, "When the session started, before that, we had an all party meeting, where the issue was decided that we want the best on demonetisation.

We said we are ready and on that issue and the debate started in the Rajya Sabha. It was about to start in the Lok Sabha as well, but because of the death of the sitting MP, it didn't start.

Then, the opposition added new logic. Next day, they said the Prime Minister is not in the house. The opposition themselves don't want the debate to take place. The speaker said that I start the debate to reach from zero to top, then too, the debate didn't started," Meghwal further said that a discussion takes place in parliament if the minister of that particular ministry is present.

This is the parliamentary practice. "The finance minister was present there, but the opposition asked for the prime minister. When the prime minister came, then they said he came for just an hour. Then, after four to five days, former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh spoke, Naresh Agarwal spoke, Derek O'Brien from Trinamool Congress (TMC) spoke, BSP Chief Mayawati spoke, and after that the discussion continued.

Then a new logic was added that the Prime Minister should sit in the house as long as the discussion takes place.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister came again at 2p.m., now they are saying that the Prime Minister should apologize," Meghwal added.

Meanwhile, the meeting of various opposition parties in Parliament has concluded, with them demanding Prime Minister Narendra Modi's apology in the Rajya Sabha.

The opposition leaders said they were ready for a discussion on the demonetisation issue in the Lok Sabha, but that must be followed by a voting.

Opposition MPs, especially the Congress, sought an apology referring to the Prime Minister's recent remarks defending the demonetisation.

They alleged that Prime Minister has remarked that the opposition parties support black money hoarders, which was protested by BJP members, who stood up and protested against the opposition's contention of apology.

Source: ANI