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New Delhi, Oct 1 (IANSlife) Want to get closer to the most incredible animals in the wild? It is essential to research about the locations ideal for wildlife travel before you set out.

The terrain, flora and fauna in different reserves vary making it necessary for visitors to prepare themselves accordingly beforehand.

RARE India founder Shoba Mohan suggests the best locations for wildlife travel in India.

1) Kalagarh Tiger Reserve (a forest division of the Corbett Tiger Reserve), Uttarakhand

Surrounded by dense community forests, it shows a quieter side of Corbett in the buffer zone area.

It is close to the Ramganga river and accessible only on foot and through rafts. With limited mobile and internet connectivity, you have the opportunity for a digital detox while discovering the forest with your family through activities like angling, bird watching and trekking.

2) Jawai, Bera, Rajasthan

It offers a unique landscape suited for leopard habitation.

The granite hills of Jawai and Bera have over 55 leopards, owing to the conservation efforts of the local Raika community.

As it is not a designated sanctuary yet, visitors can enjoy safaris through the day and also at night.

They can also go for walks with the shepherds in the wilderness and capture its beauty from vantage points.

3) Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh

It is the largest national park of Madhya Pradesh and offers safaris to Kanha and Kisli zones, which are known for their high density of tigers.

Visitors can learn about the rich culture of the region by interacting with the indigenous Gond community.

Children can also attend local Gond Art workshops. A visit to the local tribal markets offers the perfect opportunity for shopping and photography.

4) Dudhwa National Park, Uttar Pradesh

Located in the Terai belt of Himalayas, Dudhwa offers an immersive forest experience and access to parks around Pilibhit, Kishanpur, Sathiana and Katarniya Ghat.

It is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts looking for close encounters with swamp deer, elephants, one-horned rhinos, tigers and leopards.

Visitors can also find great spots for birding and interact with the tribal community.

5) Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh

Located in the heart of India, the park provides access to one of the quieter areas through Karmajhiri and Jamtara gates.

Travellers can experience the park through safaris, nature walks in the buffer zone, night in the jungle or take a stroll through colourful farming villages.

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Source: IANS