Over 200 kids diagnosed with long-term Covid symptoms in Sweden

Stockholm, Feb 15 : Over 200 children have been diagnosed with long-term Covid-19 symptoms here, statistics by Swedish Television (SVT) showed on Monday.

The Astrid Lindgren's Children's Hospital here has lately seen a surge in children seeking medical care for prolonged Covid symptoms, SVT reported.

Fatigue, a sore throat, headaches and nausea are among the most common symptoms.

Concentration problems and memory gaps have also been reported.

The average age is 11-13 and in some cases, the symptoms are debilitating, said Malin Ryd Linder, chief physician at the clinic specialised in long-term disease in children.

"Some go to school, while some are completely bedridden," she told SVT News.

Noting the children's long-term Covid-19 symptoms might be more mild than adults', the physician said that "nevertheless, we must get the resources for these children."

While the latest statistics showed 214 children have been diagnosed in the capital, the severeness of the problem is unknown as there are no figures for the rest of the country.

According to a recent British study, long-term Covid-19 symptoms may be more prevalent than previously thought.

In December, the Office for National Statistics said one in five who had been tested positive for the virus exhibited symptoms for five weeks or longer.

One in ten had symptoms for 12 weeks or longer, Xinhua reported.

Having noticed that long-term Covid-19 symptoms are a widespread problem, the Swedish government has decided that there is a need for further research.

"It is not currently known what these remaining symptoms are due to or how they should be treated," the government said last week, when presenting plans to fund research into the issue with 50 million SEK (6 million dollars).



Source: IANS