Over 30 have died in Bengal due to NRC panic: Mamata

Kolkata, Feb 4 : West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday said more than 30 people have died in the state over the panic created regarding a proposed countrywide National Register of Citizens and cautioned the masses not to be candid or hand over papers if somebody goes to their places seeking information and documents.

"I have said time and again that I won't allow any NRC exercise in Bengal.

But despite my assurances, over 30 people have so far died because of the panic over NRC," she said, addressing an anti-CAA public meeting in Nadia district's Ranaghat.

Referring to the work for preparing and updating the National Population Register (NPR), which her government has stayed in the state against the backdrop of virulent protests against the new citizenship law CAA, Banerjee alleged that the centre has sent some "religious obscurantists" to spread hatred among people.

"Now they are talking of NPR (National Population Register).

Beware! If somebody goes to your house and asks your parent's name, don't provide any details.

"Don't hand over any papers, unless they are engaged in voter list updation," she said.

"And don't be too candid with them.

The Central government has imported some despicable religious obscurantists - they only know how to spew hated.

So as a devout Hindu, I don't consider such people as members of my community.

"These people are ignorant, believe in half-truths, they don't carry books, they carry guns to fire.

if they tell you to deposit your Aadhaar card at his residence, don't do it," she added.

Banerjee said they should listen to her and go by whatever she asks them to do.

"If they ask you who all are there in your family, don't tell them.

You ask him his identity first. Remember, they may even carry a false identity card of West Bengal government," she said.

"If at all you want to give some details, then listen to what I tell you to do.

But even if these people go to your house with my photos, don't bother to disclose your details," she said.

"Only when I tell you..you know my voice, then only you should believe," she said.



Source: IANS