Guj lioness (and) cubs making way for biker win hearts

New Delhi, Feb 4 : A video of a lioness and her cubs making way for a biker in the outskirts of the Gir sanctuary in Gujarat is doing the rounds on social media.

The clip was shared by Rajya Sabha MP Parimal Nathwani with the caption: "This #viralvideo shows a #Lioness (and) two cubs moving away to give way to a biker on the way to his farm near a village on the outskirts of #Gir sanctuary.

It is amazing to see them respecting humans' space."

The video shows a lioness and her two cubs coming out from the jungle on a kacha road and walking straight until a biker comes up.

The lioness followed by her cubs change direction and silently goes back into the forest area.

The post has gone viral. A user wrote: "Similarly we humans must respect the animal's space."

"Watched too many videos of #Gir lions.

Never seen them attacking humans, even if humans are getting real close to them with their motorbikes.

Surreal behaviour of Asiatic Lions," said another.

"Do humans have the same respect towards them? on the contrary humans do everything possible to destroy their peaceful living by hunting, encroaching their space etc and still humans are civil and animals are monsters," one user said.

A post read: "By nature, the human race are meant to be respected my tame and wild animals.

Humans, in exchange, must equally respect the animals too."



Source: IANS