Overall security preparedness to dominate naval commanders meet in Delhi

New Delhi [India], Oct.24 : Operational preparedness and an assessment of the overall security situation will dominate the three-day naval commanders' conference that will begin from October 25 to October 27.

The conference is an opportunity for the top-level leadership of the navy to review the prevailing as well as emerging operational and functional issues.

The Indian Navy, like the other two armed forces, Indian Army and Indian Air Force, is required to maintain a high degree of operational preparedness to deter or neutralise any threat aimed at the country's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The commanders' conference would be utilised to examine and analyse different paradigms related to operations, training and resource-availability for meeting the wide range of taskings and expectations.

Defence MInister Maohar Parrikar is scheduled to address and interact with the naval commanders on the opening day of the conference.

The conference will also be used as a platform for institutionalised interaction between the naval top-brass and other government officials.

As part of Navy's future force-level planning, the conference will examine a series of measures under the 'Make in India' scheme and recommend ways to further indigenise defence procurements, in order to overcome the major challenges being faced.

The commanders would also delve on the Navy's roadmap for the future, including key technology enablers, improved logistics and digitisation.

The progress of activities in 2016, which was earmarked as the 'Year of the Civilian Personnel', will be further reviewed during the conference.

Source: ANI