Own people raising banner of revolt should be an eye opener for Pakistan: J-K leader

Jammu (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], Aug. 30 : With Baloch and Sindhi leaders holding a joint protest against the ongoing China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in Balochistan outside the Chinese Embassy in London and raising slogans of "Azadi", National Panthers Party (NPP) leader Harsh Dev Singh on Tuesday said it should be an eye opener for Islamabad and it must realise that its own people have raised the banner of revolt against Pakistan - "sooner it realises, the better it is".

"It should be an eye opener for Pakistan. It must realise that its own people have raised the banner of revolt against Pakistan; sooner it realises, the better it is," Singh told ANI.

"It is the most fragmented societies of the world; a multi-fractured nation, no stronger than the house of cards.

Pakistan must realise it and set its own house in order, rather than putting its nose into the affairs of other countries like India.

We believe that wisdom should dawn upon Pakistan in the wake of the recent happenings in both Sindh and Balochistan," the NPP leader added.

The Baloch and the Sindhi activists also raised slogans like "No to CPEC" and "Hai haq humara aazadi".

The protest by Baloch and Sindhi leaders in London is a first such joint protest by the activists belonging to different organisations for a common purpose of ceasing CPEC activities and preventing gross human rights violations.

The umbrella protest includes the Sindhi Baloch Forum (SBF), the World Sindhi Congress (WSC), the Baloch National Movement (BNM), the Baloch Republican Party (BRP), the Baloch Human Rights Council UK (BHRC-UK), the Baloch Students and Youth Association (BSYA) and the Baloch Students organisation.

The protest was attended by activists and nationalist leaders who shouted slogans against Pakistan security agencies for committing gross human rights violations in the name of a economic pact.

The protest at Portland Place, opposite the Chinese Embassy, also showed that the demonstrators were eyeing larger support from the world community.

The (Dollar) 46 billion economic pact has been projected as a major boost for the economy by the Pakistan government, but locals in Balochistan say they have not benefited one bit from the CPEC.

The life of the people has become more miserable after the government's ambitious CPEC project saw the light of day.

The ecology of the area has also been deeply disturbed, and the entire region has repeatedly faced natural disasters.

Source: ANI