Painted mythological art greets commuters in Noida

Noida, Oct 10 : Commuters passing through an underpass in Noida on Wednesday were pleasantly surprised to see it paintd in multiple colours -- with vibrant mythological motifs.

Inaugurated by Union Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma, the art installation was jointly conceptualised by the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art (KNMA) and Noida Authority in order to promote arts in public sphere.

The underpass, located on the crossing of Noida's sectors 25A, 24, 33A and 22, is maintained by the National Thermal Power Corp (NTPC).

Sharma called the initiative a unique way to bring art to the people.

"Public art is part of our culture and tradition and we hope this initiative will be an inspiration for other arts institutions and cultural organisations in the country," he said in a statement released by KNMA.

KNMA head Kiran Nadar told IANS: "It is important for art museums to expose people to the rich tradition of Indian art.

This installation was among the three potential designs shared with the Noida Authority."

The 90-metre-long mural, running on both sides of the otherwise bland underpass, will spark public interest in art and mark people's entry point into arts appreciation, Nadar added.

The underpass, which took a little over a month to be painted, will showcase paintings of 'Kalpavriksha' -- the auspicious wishing tree in Indian mythology -- by artists Laxman Singh and Kunal Jain.

The few scenes from the mural include a celebration of Ganesha festival by village folk and the story of the mythological white elephant King Airavata who carries the Hindu rain God Indra.

The work shows Indian naturalistic approach to art, Nadar said.

It also educates the public about their art heritage, added Alok Tandon, the CEO of Noida Authority.



Source: IANS