Pak human rights violation: JKIPA calls on UN to send ‘fact finding’ team to PoK, Gilgit-Baltistan

Geneva [Switzerland], Mar. 14 : United Kashmir People's National Party (UKPNP) chairman Shaukat Ali Kashmiri has said that Jammu and Kashmir International People's Alliance (JKIPA) is seriously concerned about the massive human rights violations committed against minorities in Pakistan.

He said that there is an increase in the acts of terrorism, violence and terrorism in various parts of the country in which Pakistan's Taliban and other terrorists were involved.

Kashmiri made these remarks during the anti-Pakistan protest by activists from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK), Gilgit, Balochistan and Sindh in front of the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva.

Activists were holding banners that read "down down Pakistan", "stop judicial killings", "Baloch wants freedom", "Sindh wants freedom" and "stop exporting terrorism".

Expressing concerns over tight control of freedom of expression in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan, Kashmiri said that this control is highly selective as militant organisations have free land to propagate their views and disseminate literature though support of independence or for United Kashmir.

He recommended that Jammu and Kashmir dispute should be resolved through process of dialogue and by adopting all peaceful means and accordance with aspirations of people of J (and) K.

"JKIPA appeals to the UN High commissioners for human rights to organize a UN fact finding delegation to visit Pakistan administered Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan and bring on record of extreme repression of the people by Pakistan," he said.

Kashmiri alleged that number of Pakistani and Chinese are holding different areas and local people are not allowed to go into their own land.

"So we are protesting against this human rights violence and their terrorist propaganda," Kashmiri told ANI.

Asserting that situation in POK has been gruesome since 1997, Jamil Maqsood,Secretary, Foreign Affairs, UKPNP, said that people here are deprived of their fundamental rights.

"Inside UN and EU parliament, we are trying to highlight plight of people of POK," Maqsood told ANI. He alleged that Pakistan is trying to subjugate peaceful demands of people by imprisoning them for 40 years by local judges Maqsood said Pakistan's claims over Kashmir issue are false they don't have any jurisprudence over Kashmir issue.

Source: ANI