Pak Senator urges world leaders to not use term ‘Islamic terrorism’

London [UK], Feb. 3 : Pakistan's former interior minister (and) chairman, Senate Standing Committee on Interior and Narcotics Control, Senator A.

Rehman Malik has appealed global leaders not to use the word 'Islamic terrorism' as Islam teaches peace like all other religions.

In his speech on "Current Affairs and Global Threat of Terrorism" at the United Nations Conference in University College London on Sunday, he said it is time to realise and admit our mistake if we as state, organization or individual had made in past due to which today the whole world is suffering of ongoing terrorism and extremism.

Malik appealed to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and U.S. President Donald Trump on behalf of entire Muslim Umah not to use the word 'Islamic terrorism' as it is hurtful and offensive and as the religion teaches peace like all other religions, reports the Nation.

He added that President Trump must know that disgruntled criminals are using the name of Islam and U.S as country is signatory to Baguio Conference 1995, where these terrorists have been named as "religious extremists".

"Certainly no one will call it Christian terrorist if the Christians kill innocent people in USA/ Ireland/ other place," he added.

He also drew world attention towards the problems and crisis of terrorism stricken countries particularly Pakistan which is suffering due to terrorism since the Afghanistan War.

He said that the international community did not learn lesson from the creation of Jehadis in Afghanistan, which became the source of Terrorism from Manila to New York.

He detailed the terror attacks in Pakistan during 2003-2017 (to date) and said in total 61,554 were killed, out of these 21,526 were civilians, 6,669, security force personnel and 33,359 terrorists or insurgents.

"We must accept that terrorism and extremism are byproduct of conflicts, invasions and disputes, so we have to solve the conflicts to have peaceful world," he said.

He also appealed the world community to let us give due importance to interfaith harmony and peace with real meaning.

Source: ANI