Pak shoemaker jailed for designing special Peshawari chappals for Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan

Islamabad [Pakistan], Aug. 27 : A Pakistani fan of Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan has landed himself in jail for designing Peshawari chappals made out of deer skin.

The actor's cousin , Noor Jehan, who lives in Peshawar, approached shoemaker Jehangir Khan and asked him to make two pairs of Peshawari chappals (in Kaptaan Chappal style) for the actor on Khan's special request, reports the Dawn.

However, being a huge fan of the Bollywood star, the shoemaker decided to gift his idol special Peshawari chappals made from deer skin.

The shoemaker told media that he'll be sending shoes made of deer skin to the actor, and as the news broke, local wildlife officials arrested Jehangir yesterday.

They also took with them the deer skin and the shoes for examination to see whether they are made of deer skin or of any other animal.

However, a latest report claims that Jehangir has since been released from jail and will be subsequently fined based on findings.

Jehangir Khan is also famous for having designed a Peshawari chappal for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif made from lion skin.

Noor Jehan also added that she spoke to Shah Rukh Khan yesterday night and he specifically told her to come to India with the Peshawari chappals.

Source: ANI