Pakistan bans use of public transport for unvaccinated

Islamabad, Aug 24 : Pakistan has announced that those who have not been fully vaccinated against coronavirus will not be allowed to use public transport from October 15.

School teachers and staff will also not be allowed to work after October 15 if they have not taken the jabs, Geo TV reported.

Vaccination has been declared made mandatory for air travel after September 30 while those working in schools, and transportation must take their doses before the date.

Unvaccinated people will not be allowed to enter shopping malls from August 31, and those who have taken the first dose of the vaccine will be allowed to enter the shopping malls till September 29.

Only those people who will have taken their both jabs will be allowed to enter the shopping malls from September 30.

Only those people who have taken one jab will be allowed to enter hotels from August 31 while complete vaccination will be mandatory for entry from September 30.

Those who have not taken their two jabs will not be allowed to attend marriage ceremonies, whether it is indoor or outdoor, after September 30.

A single dose vaccination is necessary for travelling on highways after September 15, while after October 15, no one will be allowed to use the motorway without vaccination.



Source: IANS