Pakistan escalates efforts for NSG membership, seeks Brussels’ support

Islamabad [Pakistan], Sep. 5 : Escalating its efforts for entry into the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), Pakistan has sought Belgium's support.

Special Assistant to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Foreign Affairs, Syed Tariq Fatemi, visited Brussels on Monday and briefed his interlocutors about Pakistan's application for membership of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) and sought Belgium's support in this regard.

"Presenting Pakistan's point of view, the Special Assistant reiterated that Pakistan's application for the NSG was based on solid grounds of technical experience, capability and commitment to nuclear safety and security," said a statement from Pakistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The statement said that Fatemi held meetings with Brussel's Deputy Prime Minister Didier Reynders, Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Affairs and Dirk Achten along with other leaders as Prime Minister's special envoy.

"The Special Assistant emphasised the need for adopting a non-discriminatory and objective approach while considering membership applications for NSG, as this issue directly impacted the strategic stability in South Asia as well as the future of the global non-proliferation regime," said the statement.

Fatemi also apprised the Belgian side about the current situation in Kashmir. Last month, Pakistan had also approached the White House with a request to support its NSG bid. The Pakistan Embassy in Washington in a statement said, that Ambassador Jalil Abbas Jilani called upon U.S.

State Department and Congressional leaders to support Islamabad's membership to the NSG group. Holding a series of meetings with significant think tanks and opinion-makers in Washington, Jilani explained that his country has a strong case for joining the group.

India also failed to join the NSG in May after China opposed its application. To admit a new member, the NSG requires unanimous support from all member nations..

Source: ANI