Pakistan hints at partnership with India on nuclear safety

Lahore [Pakistan], Sept. 9 : With both nations embroiled presently over the unrest in Kashmir, Pakistan Foreign Secretary Aizaz Ahmed Chaudhry has hinted at the possibility of cooperation with India in nuclear safety, security and regulatory framework.

Speaking at an international conference 'Assessing South Asia's Nuclear Security', Chaudhry said, "Nuclear safety and security provide another avenue for cooperation between India and Pakistan.

Both sides can agree on sharing of best practices, experience and expertise," Pakistan and India have a working group on nuclear confidence building measures, which is focused in case of nuclear accidents.

Chaudhry further suggested that India and Pakistan cooperate on nuclear safety and security within the framework of these conventions.

Speaking about other possible nuclear CBMs with India, he stated that Pakistan had a broad experience on the establishment and functioning of an independent nuclear regulatory body.

"Pakistan has and will always abide by its commitments to international obligations as a nuclear power," he further said.

Talking about the country's membership for the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), Chaudhry asserted that "Pakistan qualifies for membership of the group and mobilised the [NSG] member countries for supporting the cause.".

Source: ANI