Pakistan playing with sentiments of Kashmiris, says UKPNP

Geneva [Switzerland], Oct. 2 : United Kashmir People's National Party (UKPNP), spokesperson Nasir Aziz Khan on Sunday said Pakistan only pretends to care about Kashmiris, but their real intention is just to exploit their rights for ulterior proposes.

"The Kashmiris should understand that the issue of Kashmir was created because of Pakistan. Whenever Kashmir rises for freedom, Pakistan has sabotaged their movement, whether it be 1947, 1988 or the ongoing situation.

Pakistan has no affection for the people of Kashmir. If they loved them, they would have treated the people of Gilgit-Baltistan and the one they call as Azad Kashmir nicely," Khan told ANI.

Khan said that Islamabad only wants to control the people of Kashmir, plunder their natural resources and has always succeeded in it by tactfully playing with the religious sentiments of Kashmiri youth.

He asserted that if Islamabad really wanted to provide freedom to Kashmir, then they would have reached outthrough the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), but they didn't take any measure, which shows they don't care for the people of Kashmir.

Giving the example of Bangladesh's freedom movement of the 1970s and the recent rise of the Balochistan movement against atrocities by Pakistan, he said, "What do Kashmiris expects from the country which does not provided justice to their own people, that they will provide freedom to them? It is never going to happen.

They just want to retain their possession on us.".

Source: ANI