Pakistan’s envoy invites UAE to invest in CPEC

Islamabad [Pakistan], Feb.15 : Pakistan's envoy to the United Arab Emirates, Moazzam Ahmed Khan, has said that he has invited that country to invest in the multi-billion dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project.

In interview, Ambassador Khan spoke about how both countries could benefit from the CPEC, a part of China's ambitious One Belt, One Road multi-billion dollar initiative, and also part of Pakistan's Vision 2025, reports the Express Tribune.

The envoy said that Pakistan and China were working on huge projects on infrastructure, roads and railway networks.

Most importantly, both countries are also investing in the energy sector. He described it as an ideal investment opportunity for Emirati investors, The UAE was the second largest Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) trade partner of Pakistan, with a trade surplus of USD five billion.

Pakistani nationals send USD 4.5 billion in remittances each year from the UAE to their home country.

Source: ANI