Pak’s strategy is to finish Baloch people, says Brahamdagh Bugti

GENEVA [SWITZERLAND], Aug. 31 : Reiterating his gratitude to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the issue of atrocities on the people of Balochistan by Pakistan, Baloch separatist leader Brahamdagh Khan Bugti blasted Pakistani media for not highlighting the issue and said that the strategy of authorities in Islamabad is to finish the Baloch people.

The Baloch Republican Party (BRP) chief stressed that the reactions which came Pakistan government and its media was not surprising and instead termed their reaction as cheap one.

"The strategy of Pakistan Government, army and its media is to finish Baloch people. The evidence can be seen time and again," he told ANI. Taking pot-shots on Pakistani media, he said that they hardly cover any news on Balochistan. But, when it comes to Pakistan, even small incidents are covered. "If we talk on the oppression and operation in Balochistan, once in a year or in 6 months these references are made reference in media shows that too it all censored.

So far no anchor of any media house has even spoken Balochistan," he added. He questioned, "Every single day many men and women are murdered. Many are dragged out of their house, Many go missing. They are even tortured and then their bodies are thrown on roads. Did any media pay attention to it ?. " Stating that Pakistan media twists the statements made by Baloch only to spread confusion and fool their people, he pointed out that its only because of their negligence that others have started to started to raise the issue.

Hitting out at Pakistani Army for trying to divert and suppress the Balochistan issues after people has started talking it, he said that Baloch people are ready for talks provided authorities leave their region.

"I recently saw my interviews and then the authorities said that they want to talk, We never said no to talks.

This is the Pakistani military who by force is trying to suppress any issue. The army is trying to captive people by operation and by using force. We are ready for talks if army retreats from Balochistan like it has done from Bangladesh in 1971," he said.

Warning the Pakistan army to leave to leave Balochistan, he said the consequences will be worst than what happened in Bangladesh in 1971.

Accepting that it was a mistake on their part that for the last 50 years of trying to be part of Pakistan to live in equality, Bugti said that we have decided that we cannot live with Pakistan forcefully.

"Pakistan has never been our country and will never be. We have been forcefully joined to it. I have been called a traitor. I think that when I am not even a Pakistani national, how am in a traitor?, " he said. On the First Information Report (FIR) being filed against him for hailing Indian Prime Minister, he said, "It's foolishness on Pakistan's part to do it.

We have no relations with Pakistan. Pak authorities say that you have filed FIR. I would say not just one but file hundreds of FIR's against me. Your FIR cannot harm even a strand of my hair." He also thanked Afghanistan and Bangladesh for hailing their cause.

Thanking Indian authorities, media, people for their support, he hoped the support continues in the future as well.

Source: ANI