Pearson, KOMPANIONS bring innovative pedagogy of experiential learning for students through augmented and virtual reality

New Delhi [India], Dec 9 : KOMPANIONS, a Gurugram-based ed-tech-sci company announced its association with Pearson Education, a leading publisher of academic and reference books to integrate its newly developed pedagogy involving Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) with Pearson's MyPedia program.

This is watershed collaboration as nothing involving these technologies in education has been done on such a scale so far.

It is expected to make a huge impact on how learning and teaching happen inside classrooms. The content will be introduced from 2017-18 academic year for English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Science subjects for primary and middle grade school students.

AR combines the real world with the simulated world by modifying a view of reality through a computer generated 3D model, giving an experience of seeing and interacting with the objects as if they are live.

VR transports the learner in a completely new environment; immersion, imagination and interaction being its 3 fundamental features.

Both these technologies are accessed through Smartphone and tablets making them extremely scalable and user friendly for the schools, teachers and the learners.

Learning through AR and VR facilitates enhanced visualization which results in highly impactful outcomes.

AR and VR in the teaching method are powerful pedagogical tools for improving engagement levels through immersive experiences leading to better understanding, application and retention of concepts.

They provide experiential learning through exploration and discovery leading to enhanced thinking skills.

"With innovative solutions from KOMPANIONS, Pearson is proud to be a pioneer in successfully integrating VR and AR in the education space in which the appropriateness and relevance of these technologies has largely remained a challenge.

We believe the new pedagogy would remove the dullness of traditional learning methods from books, and bring in dynamism, excitement and high levels of engagement inside classrooms, leading to an improved teaching mechanism and results of the students," said Chief Product Officer Pearson Education, Ujjwal Singh.

"We are extremely excited about this partnership as we would be able to reach out to a continuously growing number of students who use Pearson's study material.

KOMPANIONS aims to reach out to more than one lakh students by 2017 via the association with Pearson Education," Founder KOMPANIONS, Yuvraj Krishan Sharma.

KOMPANIONS is continuously involved in research and development of new and relevant AR and VR content.

It's B2C and B2B offerings are being used by children, schools and institutions..

Source: ANI