Shameful that President is compelled to comment on parliament impasse: Jitendra Singh

New Delhi [India], Dec. 9 : Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) Jitendra Singh said on Friday that it is a matter of shame that President Pranab Mukherjee has been compelled to comment on the impasse in parliament.

"This is politics at its worst. The irony and the shame is that no less than Rashtrapati ji was compelled to make certain observations in the manner in which the house got disrupted and the entire session almost quashed out, he said.

Applauding Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his decision to demonetise, Singh said the opposition is feeling uncomfortable and insecure.

"The opposition is not feeling comfortable with the manner in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi's decision of remonetisation has elicited country-wide support, cooperation and appreciation," he said.

Responding to Rahul Gandhi's allegation that demonetisation is the biggest scam, Singh said it is a perfect example of "pot calling the kettle black." On Rahul Gandhi's "earthquake" comment, he said it is the opposition which is disrupting both houses of parliament and not allowing them to function.

"People of the country will not forgive those who have allowed an entire session of parliament to go waste," he added.

The daily disruption in parliament compelled President Pranab Mukherjee issue a strong statement, asking Members of Parliament.

"For God's sake, do your job. You are meant to transact business in Parliament," he said on Thursday..

Source: ANI