People take to streets in PoK, demand ‘Aazadi’

Muzaffarabad (PoK), Aug. 11 : Demanding freedom from Pakistan, people on Thursday took to the streets in Muzaffarabad protesting against rigged elections in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir that saw Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif-led Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) coming to power.

Venting their anger by raising slogans of "Aazadi", people also protested against Pakistan's occupation of Kashmir.

The rigged July 21 election witnessed the PML (Nawaz) emerging victorious in 32 of the 41 seats. Earlier on July 29, protesters in the Neelum Valley (PoK) had to face the wrath of the police as they burnt Pakistani flags and raised slogans against the government.

Besides blackening election posters, the protestors also burnt tyres, blocked traffic and clashed with the police personnel deployed on duty.

Widespread protests have been witnessed in the major PoK towns, including Muzaffarabad, Kotli, Chinari and Mirpur, after members of the PML (N) killed a supporter of the Muslim Conference (MC) in Muzaffarabad.

Locals allege that the elections in PoK are always fixed in favour of the ruling party in Pakistan, in current instance, for the PML-N.

The political parties have questioned the authenticity of the elections. They say public money has been wasted as the so-called democratic process was fraught with corrupt practices.

The Pakistan Human Rights Group has confirmed the allegations of corrupt practices, involving money and muscle power.

Source: ANI