Personalised bags, clutches: Bag styles in vogue

New Delhi, May 24 : Fashion accessories have emerged to be a promising part of one's personality. Flaunt a personalised one or get your hands on a clutch that complements not just your attire but attitude, say experts.

Nina Lekhi, Chief Design Curator of Baggit; Vijay Pal Singh Johal, Director at Truffle Collection, and Harkirat Singh, Managing Director at Woodland, have given a few inputs:

* Clutches: Whether it is a wedding, a formal event or even a casual event where you just don't want to pull a giant tote to, clutches can be your saviours.

Simple elegant yet classy clutches can add up to your wholesome stylish look.

Glitzy, box style, metal-framed envelope style clutches are in trend. Clutches are very handy and perfect to carry your important belongings such as bank notes and cards.

* Saddle bags: Saddle bags are a usual purse choice for casual occasions, with their unique fall flap, oval, round circle designs and rustic touch.

They are generally found in bright colours like tangy orange, sunshine yellow, metallic, cherry red and with silver or golden chains for handles.

* Backpacks: Backpack styles and trends are very viral in the market and it varies on one's age.

Earlier, backpacks were used only for going to schools or as a functional carrier. But now they are serving as outdoor and sports equipment. They now come in varied sizes and attractive colours and also have been highlighted as cute, casual fashion accessories.

* Belt bags: Very commonly seen, belt bags are top at the accessory game in the market.

They are comfortable to carry plus have a good storage space to carry one's necessary items. They can be both simple and party wear. They come in all kinds of sizes depending on the purpose of the person buying it. It is a must have in everyone's wardrobe.

* Personalisation is the key trend followed by a blend of vibrant hues, sleek patterns, luxurious textures and myriad shapes in the design.


Looking at the global patterns and textures and integrating it with Indian needs, these broader trends are spicing up the current season:

Every colour says something: Each of the fashion buyers wants to personalise their style and make a statement with it.

The trends can be seen for suave brown and tan shades, evergreen black, the soft and pastel shades with regal touch and the flashy colours with glittery touch for party goers.

All these variations at once in metallic, bold, peppy and subtle shades are the colours of the season.

A mix of patterns and textures: The swinging tassels in a symmetrical pattern on mini bags, the satchels with contrasting textures embodied on them, the sleek cut patterns all over the bag like box bags, the puzzle patterned bags and the aesthetically appealing contrast layering bags are featuring this season.

Design that talks imagination: The fashionistas are on the hunt for reinventing traditional bags with a tint of style to meet the ever dynamic demands of the modern consumers.

The crocheted net bags are all in for revival for carrying fresh products in a high street chic way.

Not only this, the fanny pack we used to carry is now replaced by the irresistible belt bags. The brand logos with smartly crafted embellishments on the bags are making a hit this season.



Source: IANS