PETA India slams ‘foreign’ tag, says banning it will only empower lawlessness

New Delhi [India], Jan. 28 : Reacting to the call on its ban across India following the Jallikattu row, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has spoken out against falsely labelling the animal rights group as "foreign", adding that banning it will further unleash the lawless elements in the society.

In a statement released today, the PETA stated that Kambala agitators in Karnataka have taken a leaf from the pro-jallikattu protesters' book and have begun to falsely label PETA India as "foreign" and are now calling for the organisation to be banned.

"PETA India is an Indian law abiding organisation that has spent the last 17 years advocating ahimsa, promoting vegetarian foods and clothing, facilitating free veterinary care for working animals whose owners cannot afford it, and rescuing dogs, monkeys, and even elephants in need, among other lifesaving activities," Poorva Joshipura, PETA India CEO said.

The statement further read that calling for a ban on PETA India would be akin to calling for a ban on a child protection organization that saves children from illegal trafficking, adding that the time had come to decide what kind of country Indian citizens want.

"One in which mob rule decides laws and court verdicts don't matter, and where bullies call for the dissolution of a lawful organisation with an impeccable record of good deeds? Make no mistake: in such circumstances, any non-governmental organisation or individual in India can face retaliatory action.

A lawless society would be a society on the rails--and one in which everyone is at risk," Joshipura stated.

Following PETA's firm stand against Jallikattu- the traditional bull taming sport of Tamil Nadu, that achieved success after a prolonged legal war, a massive cry rose for banning the animal rights organisation, which was then tagged with several brands including 'anti-national' and 'foreign'.

Earlier, amidst the growing call for the ban on PETA, Environment Minister Anil Dave said the Centre is mulling to consider on the same.

When asked whether the Centre will ban the animal rights organisation after the people of Tamil Nadu hold them accountable for the ban, Dave said, "PETA, is an NGO, funded by foreign countries.

They always rake up these issues. We will see as to what can be done.".

Source: ANI