PM Modi calls upon gems, jewellery traders to look beyond domestic market

New Delhi, July 23 : Addressing a programme of All India Gems and Jewellery Trade Federation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday called upon them to look beyond the domestic market. "Look beyond the domestic market. Yes, it is (domestic market) big and lucrative, but look at the global market too," he asked them. "We wanted to win you over and we have won over each other. Things like bending happens during battles, but we are not battling each other," he added. "What did happen due to the events in the last few months is that we got talking. We formed a committee, where your representatives were there and all issues were discussed," said the Prime Minister apparently in context of their 42-day strike, demanding rollback of proposed excise duty on non-silver jewellery. He told them that this government was theirs and the government's doors would always remain opened for them. "For initiatives like 'Make in India' to succeed, innovation is very important and this happens when we give importance to skill development. When it comes to technology upgradation, there is no way out but to embrace it, Prime Minister Modi told them.