PM Modi needs to explain what he means by Kashmiri phraseology: Manish Tiwari

New Delhi, Aug. 11 : Congress party leader Manish Tiwari on Thursday said mere use of phraseology cannot absolve Prime Minister Narendra Modi or his government from the policies being followed to resolve the unrest in Kashmir.

"The Prime Minister has been singing this melody on 'Insaniyat, Kashmiriyat and Jamooriyat' since 2013.

The Prime Minister needs to explain what does he mean by Insaniyat? Is it an outreach to those people who have unfortunately got injured in this latest round of violence in the Kashmir Valley? Does his Jamooriyat mean an outreach to those people or separatists who are outside the main stream? When he talks about Kashmiriyat what is his definition of Kashmiriyat and what is he trying to recreate? Because, when Mr.

Vajpayee used these words in 2003, he made a simultaneous outreach to Pakistan from the Sher-e-Kashmir stadium as well as to the separatists in the Kashmir Valley.

So, it was used in a larger context, and here, the Prime Minister is using the phraseology in a cliche," he told ANI.

"His home minister (Rajnath Singh) says that the only outstanding agenda with Pakistan is PoK, and then, one would ask the home minister why you went to Islamabad, why did the Prime Minister go to Lahore.

Now, people are saying that the finance minister is ready to go to Pakistan. So, if the only unfinished business you have with Pakistan is the return of PoK, then why are you making these repeated pilgrimages to Pakistan would be a legitimate question, and that is why there is absolutely no coherence, either in their Kashmir policy or for that matter in the Pakistan policy, the Prime Minister says one thing, the home minister interprets it completely differently and the government seems to be a complete morose of confusion," he added.

"The fact is that this government has decided to let certain people loose on the RBI governor. So, it was not an attack on Raghuram Rajan personally, but was an attack on the institution of Reserve Bank of India.

But more importantly, the underlined message to all regulators and to all independent bodies was that if you do not fall in line and do not keep enacting command performances, then we will hound you, we will go after you, we will run your reputation in the mud and we'll hound you out of the country.

So, therefore, there was a larger design in the manner in which the RBI governor Raghuram Rajan was treated," he added.

Source: ANI